October Personal Update

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Not only is ministry keeping me busy, but family and friends fill in a big part of my life as well, as they should.  It’s taken me months to complete our new arbor which Sherri designed.  Working a few hours here and there, makes me realize persistence pays off (first photo).  The middle photo above is a picture of our newly painted bedroom completed in one day!  Three friends Sherri and I have known since college decided to come over and help us with some “home projects.”  I was amazed at what was accomplished and how truly helpful it was.  The biggest project was painting our bedroom.  What a blessing!  Not only did we get a lot done, but it was great to catch up with friends.  The third photo is of a cool lookin’ bird’s nest in Mt. Hermon with three eggs in it.  A taste of God’s beautiful handiwork!

August Ministry & Personal Update

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the summer!  It went by so fast for me.  I will be working full-time at Valley Christian School in San Jose and will not continue as the Director of Worship Ministries at Redwood Chapel after next week.  This will mean more focus, more time at home and less travel.  Please, pray for the transition to be encouraging for all.  My family and I were able to go to Southern California for vacation last week.  What a joy to spend extended time together.


Songwriting Intensive This Saturday

August 11 (Sat), 9:00am-12:00pm – Songwriting Intensive, Mount Hermon

I will be facilitating a three hour Songwriting Intensive this Saturday at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center Fireside Room, limited to 10 participants.  It is more of an intimate setting with personal interaction and attention.  Call me if you’d like to attend.  All the information is at our website under courses/camps.

Concert/Worship Night This Sunday

August 12 (Sun), 7:30pm-8:45pm – South Hills Community Church, San Jose.

I will be  leading a worship night and share some of my own songs.  It is entitled “Empower” which will inspire and encourage you to let Jesus empower you to fully live life!  It will begin at 7:30pm Sunday.  More information can be found at https://heartfeltmusic.org/calendar/ .


May you be empowered to live life to the full.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

June Personal Update

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The Coates family is doing very well.  Sherri is working at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center getting the cabins ready for the summer camps,  Brandon is working at the Boardwalk caricature drawing, and Austin is continuing to teach private guitar lessons.   In the pictures above, Austin finished the school year with a group drama presentation, Sherri’s friend took a picture of beautiful Santa Cruz at dusk, and Brandon get’s paid to do what he loves…drawing.


I just finished reading through the book of Job.  It’s amazing what pain he goes through and still remains upright and godly.  Though he doesn’t say much at the end, he ends up humble and blessed!  Now I’m digging into the Psalms to experience all kinds of emotion being expressed.  As I finished up this year at Valley Christian School, the memory verse for the Worship Band was “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6)

February Personal Update

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Fortunately, I’ve had a week break from teaching at Valley Christian School and feel rested and renewed.  I spent a couple of days helping Sherri fix up the gardens in the front and back yard.  It was fun watching the Oscars last night since our family saw the award winning The Artist earlier this week.  My boys both have their Driver’s License now and are taking turns driving.  It is great to watch them grow in independence.  We’ve had some good moments last week playing and praying together as a family.


I’m continuing to read and memorize Scripture which gives me a lot of material to speak God’s thoughts as I lead others in worship and speak in front of groups.

January 2012 Personal Update

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Hope 2012 is off to a good start for you.  The last four months seem to have flown by for me.  But, time over the holidays went in slow motion which was very refreshing.  During the two weeks, as a family, we had a relaxing Christmas at home; went to San Francisco visiting the De Young Museum; saw two action-packed movies (Mission Impossible and Sherlock Holmes); and spent the day in Carmel for my birthday.  I thank God for my family, the deep care and love we daily share and enjoy.  I can’t tell you how much the laughter and hugs encourage us all.


I want 2012 to be a growth year for me as well as an investment year.  Already I’m engaged in peoples lives in a way that is investing both my life experience and the life of Christ in them.  And there are those who are investing in my life as well.  I meet regularly with a few men who hold me accountable, ask important questions, and give me helpful insights in dealing with difficult issues.  I’m continuing to read the Bible daily, but I’m adding daily Scripture memorization to my routine.  Having the thoughts of God on my mind is what is meant by Colossians 3:16, “Let the Word of Christ richly dwell within you…”  Today’s verse is, “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.”


Life has it’s ups and downs and we are not exempt from them.  We appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to uphold us in your prayers throughout 2012.

October Personal Update

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One word that describes how my family and I are doing is “thriving.”  We’re at a good place and thank God for His working in and through us at this time.  Sherri is working as the Guest Accommodations Specialist at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center which is a good fit with her background and experience.  The boys are doing well and are really into drawing and art (Animation & Illustration).  They are both heading today to a special class by Dreamworks at San Jose State University.  Sometimes, we combine family time with ministry time and get in things like paintball.

Recently, our family has been enjoying seeing old videos of our wedding and the birth and the early years of our boys.  Lots of laughter!  I sold our Hi8 camera years ago which prevented us from seeing these videos.  Finally, I purchased a used camera last week and now we’re strolling down memory lane.

My plate has been very full working three ministries – teaching at Valley Christian Schools, leading worship at Redwood Chapel, and teaching private students and workshops with Heartfelt Music Ministry.  They use my gifting in wonderful ways and compliment each other.  I feel very blessed to train youth to worship fully and use their music to glorify the Lord; lead worship regularly with a great church; and regularly mentor individuals and worship leaders.  Daily Scripture reading, exercise, and continual prayer has been keeping me balanced with the energy needed for each day.  Please, continue to pray for me and my family!

April Personal Update

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Happy Easter!  The truth of the resurrection never gets old and the life of Jesus continues to empower me and my family.  We celebrated Sherri’s birthday last week at Filoli and saw some beautiful gardens and flowers.  She’s also reworking our gardens at home.  I thank God for being so blessed with Sherri and my boys.  They bring a lot of joy and fulness to my life.  Sherri held a crafts elective at Mount Hermon a couple of weeks ago for their woman’s retreat and had a blast.  Brandon and Austin are enjoying school and are faithfully involved with staying on top of their studies.  They only have a month left to go.

I could use prayer for the next couple of months as my time with Open Door Church as an Interim Worship Leader will be ending the end of June.  It’s possible I could become the permanent  Worship Leader and I should know by the end of May whether this will work out or not.  I’ve really enjoyed ministering with them, but continue to seek God’s guidance to work with the church-at-large through Heartfelt Music Ministry and work with a local church as well.  I know the poor economy has hit many of you very hard.  We too have been working hard to make it through.  These times have stretched our faith in new ways and continue to bring us back to God and His faithful care in our lives.  We thank God for His resurrection power and the opportunities for ministry He brings our way everyday.

December Personal Update

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I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2010.  God has shown Himself so alive this year through some of the most memorable times both good and bad.  Watching God work around me and experiencing God work through me is faith-building and incredibly encouraging. “Thank you, Lord, for your presence and care throughout 2010!”

This year has had its ups and downs.  The poor economy has affected me and my family in significant ways.  At the same time, we are amazed at people’s generosity and care.  Friendships are such an encouragement in tough times.  Thank you for your prayers for us and inspirational notes along the way.

We have grown closer as a family also which has given us a stronger platform to minister to others.  We had the scare of health issues which turned out to be nothing.  I lost my job in June which launched me back into a Bay Area wide ministry.  My sons are growing up with such maturity for their age, making great decisions.  They have really enjoyed school this year.  Now 16 and 18, they are both into driving.  Sherri had a blast being involved with the Mount Hermon Christmas Crafts Boutique this month and will be involved with crafts more this year.

I’ve been doing well spiritually, physically, and mentally.  I know it’s not an accident as it takes work (or should I say God compels me to be disciplined?).  I’m still daily reading Scripture and regularly study God’s Word which gives me perspective, direction, and nurtures/renews my spirit.  I’m thankful to a handful of guys that meet with me monthly to hold me accountable and faithfully pray for specific needs in my life.  Time alone in the car traveling has given me hours of prayer time to grow more intimate with God.  Physically, I’m daily exercising and keeping in shape.  I just performed a demonstration of Tae Kwon Do, Korean sword fighting and nun-chucks for about 100 children at a church in Martinez…very fun!  And I’m staying sharp mentally as I work with so many people, helping them on their journey, encouraging teamwork and leading them toward intimacy with God.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

November Personal Update

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The Coates family is doing well.  I’ve been very busy, but make it a priority to spend quality time with family.  Sherri is gearing up for Mount Hermon’s Christmas Boutique as she will be selling some crafts there.  Brandon and Austin are enjoying school which is a breath of fresh air for us.  We appreciate your prayers.  May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you think of the many things to be thankful for!

Encouraging Notes

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I have received some very encouraging emails lately and wanted to share some of them.  Thank you so much for words that spur me on!

“What struck me as soon as I started reading your newsletter is how faithful you have been over the years to teach and encourage young/old musicians. Guitar playing hasn’t been my focus, but I’m so grateful that you are building this skill with musicians. What a blessing you have been to many with your teaching and worship leading! May He continue to enlarge your ministry!” ~ Wanda P.

“I have been thinking lately about people who have a great idea and do something about it. You are one of those people! As I was dwelling on that idea, you came to the very front of my mind and I could not shake the feeling that you could use some encouragement.  MANY times when I have my guitar in hand I remember the training and good times I had at the Christian Guitar and Bass Conferences. All of that great teaching and encouragement in one place! What an awesome thing!!! I know that it had to take its toll on you and your family (to whom I am also grateful ) but you did it. I’m sure you would say not without the Lords help, but someone had to be the hands and feet for it. I am glad it was you! I have enjoyed your company and gentle spirit every time that I had the opportunity.  So I just want to say thank you for “getting out of the shower, drying off and doing something about the great idea that you had” for the CGBC. May God continue to bless your endeavors and your great ideas in the future!! Thanks again.” ~ Jeff C.

“Enjoyed your teaching at National Worship Leader Conference East. We could surely tell that as much as your formal training is in voice, your love is playing guitar.  Thank you for the cords and techniques to work with. May God bless you as you encourage others to glorify Jesus with their best skills.”  ~ David B.

“Reggie is the amazing triple play, fabulous musician, inspirational leader, and fantastic teacher. To find all these qualities in one person is rare, to find them in a person as humble as Reggie is astounding. I’m extremely grateful for Reggie’s mentoring, he has helped my playing and worship leading immensely. I’m proud to count Reggie as a friend.” ~ Steve M.

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