October Personal Update

1:17 pm Reggie's Journey

One word that describes how my family and I are doing is “thriving.”  We’re at a good place and thank God for His working in and through us at this time.  Sherri is working as the Guest Accommodations Specialist at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center which is a good fit with her background and experience.  The boys are doing well and are really into drawing and art (Animation & Illustration).  They are both heading today to a special class by Dreamworks at San Jose State University.  Sometimes, we combine family time with ministry time and get in things like paintball.

Recently, our family has been enjoying seeing old videos of our wedding and the birth and the early years of our boys.  Lots of laughter!  I sold our Hi8 camera years ago which prevented us from seeing these videos.  Finally, I purchased a used camera last week and now we’re strolling down memory lane.

My plate has been very full working three ministries – teaching at Valley Christian Schools, leading worship at Redwood Chapel, and teaching private students and workshops with Heartfelt Music Ministry.  They use my gifting in wonderful ways and compliment each other.  I feel very blessed to train youth to worship fully and use their music to glorify the Lord; lead worship regularly with a great church; and regularly mentor individuals and worship leaders.  Daily Scripture reading, exercise, and continual prayer has been keeping me balanced with the energy needed for each day.  Please, continue to pray for me and my family!

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