March Update 2021

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Nurturing Faith, Hope and Love

God gives us such a positive perspective through His words. 1 Corinthians 13:13 says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” We daily need faith, hope and love to give us the strength to overcome our difficulties. Faith is such a strong resolve. It is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. Faith is believing, without a doubt, what God says is true. Hope is a confidence in God having His way, no matter how bleak it looks right now. The opposite of hope is despair. When we trust God and are filled with hope, there is no room for despair. But, the greatest thing we possess as Christians is God’s love. In fact, it’s because of his deep love for us that we can have faith and hope. God is love and those who know God experience a profound and immeasurable care and commitment unequal to anything else. May you feel His love for you at this moment! May faith, hope and love remain in your heart throughout each day!


Valley Christian Worship Team

This school year has been quite a challenge for the VCS Worship Team, which I direct and teach. We have not been able to lead worship at chapels because of COVID19. But, we have been offering worship through recording songs. Fortunately, next week, we are having our first performances for the school year!


New Songs & New Albums

Having more time at home means more time to write songs. I’m working on an Instrumental Guitar, Vol. 2 album and hope to get it out early May. Also, I’m working on a new vocal album with new songs. I’m excited, my son, Brandon, is creating the art for the instrumental album and my other son, Austin, will be working on the vocal album.


Concert with Reggie on FB Live

This Sunday, March 7 – 5:00pm PST, I’ll be doing another online concert sharing songs and stories to inspire faith, hope and love. I’ll be doing solo songs, worship songs, and taking requests as well. It will be on the Heartfelt Music® Facebook page. You can view my last concert by clicking here.


Upcoming Events

March 7 (Sunday) – 5:00pm
Online concert. Join me as I share songs, stories and take requests on Facebook LIVE. Click here to check out our Heartfelt Music Page on Facebook.


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May Update 2020

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Reggie StreamingVCH Song VideoOnline Lessons

Streaming Concert and Worship

I hope you are weathering well during this crazy COVID19 pandemic. Let’s pray for each other as summer approaches. I appreciate you and your encouragement toward me and Heartfelt Music Ministry. May you stay healthy and spiritually strong!

On Sunday, May 24, 5:00pm, I’ll be streaming an informal concert hour from my home. I’ll be sharing meaningful songs that I’ve written over the years weaving together vocal and guitar tapestry. On Sunday, May 31, 5:00pm, I’ll be streaming an informal worship hour like the one I did a couple of weeks ago where you can sing and worship with me. These will be online music and worship experiences to encourage you in Christ! My Facebook account is at


Facebook LIVE with Reggie

I will be offering an online concert (May 24, 5:00pm) and an online worship experiences (May 31, 5:00pm) on the next two Sundays! Join me on Facebook LIVE at


Valley Christian School Has One More Week

Valley Christian School has one more week of school, which has been conducted totally online through Zoom. The Worship Team had a blast creating three songs for Baccalaureate at home, put together by our sound and media staff.


Online Lessons This Summer

I’m teaching private lessons through Zoom this summer starting in June. I can help you attain your goals. If you are interested in private guitar lessons, you can email me at


Upcoming Events


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April Update 2020

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Jesus Is Alive!

We just celebrated Jesus’ resurrection on Easter, but I hope everyday is a celebration of our Lord being alive and in control of life itself! On Easter, I recorded me singing the song He’s Alive! CLICK HERE and hear the story of Peter as he witnesses Jesus being alive from the dead. I hope you are encouraged!

This is a very unique season with the COVID19 pandemic. Of course, we’re doing everything from home. I’m glad we’ve had some family at our home for a month playing games, watching movies, and eating well. May you stay healthy and spiritually strong!

On April 26, 5:00pm, I’ll be leading an informal worship hour from my home. This will be my first time offering an online music/worship experience! Join me in lifting up Jesus and giving glory to God’s character and presence. My Facebook account is at

Facebook LIVE Worship 4/26/20

April 26 (Sunday) – 5:00pm-6:00pm
Online music/worship experience with Facebook Live. This will be my first time offering an online music/worship experience! Join me in lifting up Jesus. My Facebook account is at

Training and Streaming Services

I’ve been producing a worship band training video using the Gilroy Presbyterian Church Worship Team. I also was involved with the Facebook LIVE streaming of our GPC Sunday services.

Online Lessons with Zoom

I’m teaching private lessons and classes with Valley Christian School through Zoom, which is going very well. If you are interested in private guitar lessons, email me at

March Update 2020

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Hope You’re Doing Well!

What a crazy time. We at Heartfelt Music® hope you are doing well amidst this COVID19 pandemic. I was helping stream services at Gilroy Presbyterian Church, but now feel the necessity do something from home. Would you be interested in me streaming a music worship time some evening through Facebook Live? So many musicians are offering this as an option. Email me and let me know what you think would be encouraging for you. Since Heartfelt Music® has a streaming license, I can sing through some current songs and you can sing along at home.

March has been a fulfilling month with the BASS Conference (before the Shelter-in-Place order), performing two live concerts (Gilroy and Los Altos), and learning to teach through Zoom online. Quite a few changes, but we’re doing well.


Reggie’s Concert

I sure enjoyed the two live concerts at Gilroy Presbyterian Church and Bridges Community Church in Los Altos. This was before the Shelter-in-Place order was in place.


BASS Convention

I had over 75 enthusiastic people for my vocal workshop at the BASS Convention and around 30 for the guitar workshop. Over 1,000 attended the convention!


Zoom Lessons

I’m teaching classes with Valley Christian School through Zoom, which is surprisingly going very well. I’m also teaching private lessons through Zoom and have about 10 students.


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February Update 2020

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Is There More?

About 10 years ago, I seriously reflected on how God had used me to encourage others throughout the years. It’s not a huge amount of things, but very significant and meaningful to me. I remember leading people to Christ in high school and college; marrying a wonderfully fun and godly wife; organizing the Christian Guitarist Conferences for 15 years; raising two awesome boys (now married men!); recording 16 albums; ministering with Azusa Pacific University’s Mexico Outreach for 10 years; officiating the marriage of 5 couples (including one of my sons); leading worship for conference centers like Hume Lake, Mount Hermon, and Mission Springs; being a youth pastor for 4 years and a worship pastor for many years. I’ve been blessed so much and feel so satisfied to experience it all. I thought, there’s probably not much more.
It was great to have last week off, so I again reflected on how God has brought more opportunities my way in the past 10 years. He opened the door at Valley Christian Schools, to mentor the high school and junior high students for the last 10 years; opened the door to get a Masters Degree in Entertainment Business and produce the Summer Concert Series at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center for the last 3 years; opened the door to lead worship with the dear people at Gilroy Presbyterian Church; and begin a new season of marriage with me and Sherri as empty-nesters. I am humbled that God has given me such wonderful opportunities, but I can’t help but ask God…Is there more?
I will be giving two concerts to encourage with music and stories of my journey and God’s faithfulness. I’ll be in Gilroy, Sunday night, March 1, 6:00pm, with Gilroy Presbyterian Church in the Worship Center and in Los Altos, Sunday night, March 8, 6:00pm, with Bridges Community Church in the Family Life Center. On March 7th, I’ll be featuring two workshops at the BASS Convention under the Music Arts track, Improving Your Voice and Acoustic Guitar in Worship. I’m working on three new albums: Encore, which includes drums and bass guitar along with my guitar and voice; Instrumental Guitar – Volume 2; and Heartfelt Worship, a new worship music project. Also, once a month, I’ll be training the worship leaders in the River of Life Community Church children’s program on Sunday afternoons. There is more that God is doing and I’m ready to dig in!
Thank you so much for your support both financially and prayerfully! God’s work continues because of your generosity. May God richly bless you!.

Reggie in Concert

Come be encouraged in Christ as I share my life and music journey in a solo concert at two locations. I’d love to see you! I’ll be in Gilroy at Gilroy Presbyterian Church Sunday, March 1, 6:00pm, and Bridges Community Church Sunday, March 8 at 6:00pm


BASS Convention

Need training as a volunteer leader at church? The BASS Convention is a fantastic resource to improve. I’ll be teaching a guitar workshop and a vocal workshop Saturday morning on March 7. Hope to see you there!


New Recording

I’m now working on my 17th album called Encore with Robert Rubino at Valley Christian School in their recording studio. It will be a full band sound accompanying my guitar and vocal work. The songs will be some favorites from throughout my life.


Upcoming Events


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November Update 2019

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A Heart of Gratitude

I am grateful that God always makes it possible for Christ to lead us to victory. God also helps us spread the knowledge about Christ everywhere, and this knowledge is like the smell of perfume.” 2 Corinthians 2:14
Happy Thanksgiving!
As a high school and junior high teacher, I train and invest my time in the lives of these growing young men and women. One of the best resources I’ve found is a weekly eNewsletter called The Culture Translator by a ministry named Axis. Today they sent this encouragement on the Gift of Gratitude.

“According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 1 out of every 3 adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 will experience an anxiety disorder. Whether the culprit is social media, lack of sleep, increased scholastic pressure, or screen time, the verdict is simple: Our kids need help.

“Thankfully, emerging evidence reveals an organic way to combat anxiety and depression: Gratitude. According to author Jerusha Clark, ‘Gratitude and anxiety are mutually exclusive neural pathways. You physiologically cannot be grateful and anxious at the same time.’ One way to foster gratitude is to simply pay attention to your life. Be fully present in every single tiny moment, and remember that life itself is a gift. So, in a world filled with darkness, we’re choosing to see the light, to be grateful for the good.” Let’s experience victory through Christ with hearts of gratitude and a joy that is like a sweet perfume in this world.

Thank you for your prayers and continued encouragement toward Heartfelt Music@ Ministry. I hope you will consider one of the following avenues to help us touch the lives of thousands of people affected by our ministry. God has allowed me to have influence on 2300 students at Valley Christian School, hundreds of those who fellowship at Gilroy Presbyterian Church, thousands of people coming to the Mount Hermon Summer Concert Series, and hundreds of folks who listen to my music and learn guitar through the resources Heartfelt Music® has created (See I feel honored to have these opportunities. Your donations to Heartfelt Music® greatly help this ministry make a powerful impact. Click here to learn more.


Contributions One-Time or Monthly

“I thank my God for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil 1:3 & 5). Please consider a one-time gift or regular contribution to Heartfelt Music Ministry which is tax-deductible. Choose us as your ministry/missions organization in giving regular financial support.


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PayPal Giving Fund is another way to donate to Heartfelt Music® Ministry and receive a tax deduction, as we are an official non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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Many people shop through, but don’t realize that it’s sister organization AmazonSmile helps non profit organizations earn money. At no extra cost to you, Amazon will donate a portion of whatever you spend at to our ministry. What a deal! Support us every time you shop!


Upcoming Events

~ December 1 (Sunday)
I am leading worship at Gilroy Presbyterian Church as we celebrate Advent and the birth of Jesus, 10:00am. 6000 Miller Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020. The African Choir will be performing.

~ December 8 (Sunday)
I am leading worship at Gilroy Presbyterian Church as we celebrate Advent and the birth of Jesus, 10:00am. 6000 Miller Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020. The children will be performing a short Christmas pageant.

~ December 15 (Sunday)
I am leading worship at Gilroy Presbyterian Church as we celebrate Advent and the birth of Jesus, 10:00am. 6000 Miller Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020. The GPC Choir will be performing.

~ December 22 (Sunday)
I am leading worship at Gilroy Presbyterian Church as we celebrate Advent and the birth of Jesus, 10:00am. 6000 Miller Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020. The African Choir and the GPC Choir will be performing.

~ December 24 (Tuesday)
I am leading the special Christmas Eve service at Gilroy Presbyterian Church as we celebrate Advent and the birth of Jesus, 5:00pm. 6000 Miller Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020. The GPC Choir will be performing and student brass players from the local high school will be performing.


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October Update

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The Unpredictability of Life

“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

So much life has happened since my last eNewsletter both personally and in ministry. Some things are planned, but other things just happen and surprisingly change our course. Nothing has been too drastic, but it’s the uncertainty of life that keeps us on our toes and keeps us turning to Jesus. I love Proverbs 16:9 because no matter how organized we are in looking ahead, it’s the Lord who guides us and creates our path.


The Summer Concerts at Mount Hermon went really well. Heartfelt Music® is in charge of organizing these and is setting up the summer of 2020 now. July 28th Sherri and I celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary. What a joy! In August, I started teaching again at Valley Christian Schools with a new junior high class called Video Fun. We are creating all kinds of videos using an iPad and iMovie and it has truly been fun. I’ve been the Worship Arts Director with Gilroy Presbyterian Church for three years through Heartfelt Music®. They have skillful and enjoyable musicians and we’ve just starting another season of choir. I’ve been rebuilding a deck in our back yard, which has taking much longer than anticipated. Just recently, PG&E turned off our power for no reason and we had to do without internet and sleep apnea machines for a couple of days. Life is unpredictable, but God is in control! We experience His love and faithfulness every day.


Thank you for your prayers and continued encouragement in Heartfelt Music@ ministry. May the gracious love of God fill you thoroughly as you “draw near to God, with a sincere heart, in full assurance of faith” (Hebrews 10:22a


Summer Concerts

Inspiring Summer Concerts

The Mount Hermon Summer Concert Series was a such a ministry success! We ended with Phil Keaggy, Aaron Shust, and Point of Grace in July. We are already working on next summer and have a phenomenal line up including Phillips, Craig, and Dean.


35th Wedding Anniversary

35th Wedding Anniversary

Sherri and I have been married for 35 years! Right after the Point of Grace concert in July, we took our boys and their wives to Shadowbrook restaurant to celebrate. It’s so fulfilling to reflect on all the wonderful experiences God has brought us through.


Guitar Lessons

Teaching & Private Guitar Lessons

I’m continuing to teach full time at Valley Christian School as well as teach private guitar lessons. There are about 55 guitar students in the music program at VCS and I am mentoring about eight private students in Los Altos as well as Skype/FaceTime.


Upcoming Events

October 27 (Sundays)
I am regularly leading worship at Gilroy Presbyterian Church on Sundays, 10:00am. 6000 Miller Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020.


[I am not leading worship on Sunday, October 20, at Gilroy Presbyterian Church, and am open to leading at your church if needed.]

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December Ministry Update

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Valley Christian Hosts Foto Sisters
On Wednesday, the Foto Sisters performed at the last VCHS chapel for 2018. They were fantastic, inspiring and entertaining. They performed at Mount Hermon last weekend. Our Worship Team gave them a tour of the Conservatory.

Gilroy High School Choir at GPS
There has been a celebration of the arts the past few weeks at Gilroy Presbyterian Church. Gilroy High School Choir performed last week on Sunday and two full concerts midweek. Our Choir sings this Sunday.

MHC Christmas Dinner Party
At the beginning of December, the Mount Hermon Community enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner and great Christmas carol singing led by Dave Burns and Elizabeth Hunnicutt Summers.

Products & Giving

I hope your December is full of meaningful relationships and memorable faith building as you celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers for me and Heartfelt Music® and I pray your Christmas season will be filled with Christ’s love, joy, and peace!

December has been full of ministry with Valley Christian School teaching and chapels; Gilroy Presbyterian Church with Advent, worship teams and choir performances; a Mount Hermon Community dinner; and private lessons in Los Altos. It’s so fulfilling to touch so many lives in a powerful way.

If you would like to purchase any of my albums or books, either the digital versions or the physical versions, there are a variety of websites to check out. Nine digital products are available for download at Gumroad Three of my albums are available both as physical CDs and digital downloads at CD Baby The individual songs on three of my albums can be downloaded at iTunes (Apple Music)

If you would like a portion of all your purchases on Amazon to go to Heartfelt Music®, use Amazon Smile Also, you can donate directly to Heartfelt Music® with non-profit tax deductions at PayPal Giving We appreciate any donations to our ongoing ministry.

Heartfelt Music® Ministry is subsidized by private donations. Your tax deductible contribution to Heartfelt Music® Ministry will help make it possible for us to maximize our Mission Statement to lead others toward excellence in artistry and intimacy with God. Here’s some suggestions on how you can help:

  • Make a monthly gift of any amount to help with expenses and opportunities.
  • Encourage your company and co-workers to designate their non-profit donations to Heartfelt Music® Ministry.
  • Let us know about grants or other types of funding that may be available, including matching gifts from your employer.