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Free Song - RememberWoodland Guitar ClinicVCS Worship Team


There are some things we don’t want to forget. We have symbols to remind us of important occasions like a wedding ring (this summer marks Sherri’s and my 30th Wedding Anniversary). This weekend also marks our 20th year of living in Mount Hermon. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and it’s a special day for me. My dad was one of the 1,200 civilians on Wake Island (an architect in charge of the blueprints to build up the island). As WWII began, my dad was taken as a POW for all four years [a “good read” from my dad’s friend who was with him during that time is Jim’s Journey – A Wake Island Civilian POW’s Story].

When it comes to important things to remember, the Bible tells us to remember the Lord Jesus Christ: His life, His death, His resurrection, and His coming again (Matthew 26:26-29). Remember how deeply Jesus loves you! May He consume your life.

Thank you for your interest in what God is doing through Heartfelt Music Ministry. We’d like to give you the gift of a free digital download of my song “Remember” on the album Instrumental Guitar Volume 1 (CLICK HERE to download or just check out).


Free Guitar Clinic at Bayside Church Woodland

Bayside Guitar Clinic

Sunday, June 1, I’ll will be performing a worship concert at Bayside Church in Woodland during their 10:00am service. They meet at Pioneer High School in the morning. Then, at 1:00, I’ll be teaching a free Guitar Clinic at their office location. CLICK HERE to register. This free Guitar Clinic is an opportunity to invest in your talent on guitar. Recommended for intermediate and advanced guitarists, Reggie will share fun techniques which will enhance your playing expression and live performance. Invite your friends!



Here & Now Instrumental Guitar Volume 1 Heartfelt Celebration

Enjoy the free song “Remember” by clicking HERE. Both of my latest albums, Here & Now and Instrumental Guitar Volume 1, are available on our website, CDbaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, and others  The lyrics and the stories behind the songs on Here & Now are on the Heartfelt Music Blog HERE. The stories behind the songs on Instrumental Guitar Volume 1 are on the Heartfelt Music Blog HERE.


Worship at Valley Christian High School

VCS Worship Team 5A

The Valley Christian School year is wrapping up the end of this month and it has been such a blessing! The two High School bands have led the 1,400 students in worship during chapels every week. It’s been a delight to work with the groups, learn new songs, and see significant spiritual growth in the lives of the student body. you can hear and see a song called You Are Good by one of the worship teams at the BASS Convention in March [CLICK HERE to view].



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