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I’m very excited to announce that the Instrumental Guitar Volume 1 album is now available!  It’s available on this site (of course) under Products, but also 20 different online venues including iTunes and CD Baby (You can hear an excerpt from each song on either of these two sites).


Though I majored in Vocal Performance in college, the guitar was the instrument I was known for.  I have recorded 13 albums (Living In Jesus, No Greater Love, Take It to Heart, Radically Committed, Shout for Joy, Sing to the Lord, A New Song, Heartfelt Celebration, Intimacy, Confidence, A Christmas Gift, Heartfelt Praise, and Here to Worship), but this 14th album is my first instrumental one.  My sons were getting on my case for not recording for awhile and convinced me to start this project.  I hope you enjoy it!


This album has a variety of styles with a variety of guitar techniques.  I wrote five of the songs and five of them were written by others.  The acoustic guitar I use is a Taylor 815ce and the Electric-Synth guitar is a Godin LGXT.  Here’s some of the details about each song:


  • You Drive – This song is upbeat and jazzy which is great to keep me awake while driving in the car.  The rhythm is acoustic guitar and the solo sections go back and forth between the electric guitar (Santana  style) and the saxophone sound from the Godin synth (using a Roland GR-30).  The solos are improvised.  The title You Drive is a prayer allowing God to be in control of my life.
  • Tenacious – The word tenacious means to keep going and not back down.  I use a capo on this song which is on the second fret, but has the second string open.  This gives an unusual tuning and offers harmonies a little different than normal.  I also use an E-Bow which is like an electronic bow, vibrating the strings magnetically.  There is a lot of the rhythmic “tapping” technique in this song.  I use a looping device to be able to play multiple guitar parts in a live situation.
  • Freedom’s Challenge – This song tells a story of an unfortunate experience I went through.  God gives us a strong sense of joy and freedom in our new life in Christ, but sometimes hard things happen in life that disrupt and challenge that joy and freedom.  Whether the loss of a loved one, the betrayal of a friend, or a difficult experience at work, sometimes hard things happen.  Healing and comfort needs to take place which happens over time.  But God is faithful and through a message, a song, a book, or a friend, we begin to feel the joy and freedom again God intended us to experience.
  • Remember – This is a slower reflective song which has improvised soloing throughout.  Often, this song fits well during communion which is when we remember Jesus and the sacrifice He made on our behalf.  I also use a looping device on this song.  As I was recording this song, I broke a fingernail and had to buy some fake nails in order to get a consistent sound.
  • Morning Come Lately – There have been times in my past when getting out of bed in the morning was pretty difficult.  This song tells the story of such a morning.  The alarm would go off and I’d snooze for a while just dreaming about the day.  Suddenly, I’d notice how late it was, jump out of bed, rush to get ready and finally slam the door to get on my way.  This song is in the open tuning of DADDAD.
  • Del’s Bells – This song by Phil Keaggy is in “Dropped D” tuning (DADGBE).  There is a luthier (guitar maker), Del Langejans, who is friends with Phil Keaggy.  He made a guitar for him and Phil used it for half of the songs on his Acoustic Sketches album.  One of the songs Phil wrote on this guitar was Del’s Bells.  Though the first part follows exactly what Phil does, the second part is more improvised with some variation.  There is a lot of the rhythmic “tapping” technique in this song too, hence the title “Bells.”
  • Carolan’s Draught – This Irish song was written by Turlough O’Carolan in the 1700’s, a popular blind harpist touring extensively throughout Ireland.  This song has a capo on the fifth fret and uses the common DADGAD alternate tuning.
  • Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – Written by Duke Ellington in the 1930’s, this song is considered a jazz classic.  It has a nice “swing” feel to it and incorporates some challenging finger-style voicings and chords.
  • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – This song was written by Johann Sebastian Bach in the 1700’s and is considered a classical standard, often played at weddings and special events.
  • Amazing Grace – This song, written by John Newton, is probably the most popular gospel song in the world.  In this arrangement, I use the electric guitar with a Jimmy Hendrix style.  It’s a really fun version, but different than what you’re used to.


If you’re interested in downloading this album (or individual songs),  go to Gumroad ($9.00), iTunes ($9.90), or CD Baby ($9.99).  If you’d like to get a physical CD, go to our Products Page and order through PayPal.

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