February Update 2023

11:29 pm Ministry Journal, Upcoming Events

Designing Ministry for 2023

I hope you are healthy and enjoying the start of a new year. Heartfelt Music Ministry is beginning 2023 with a great sense of anticipation! Ministry is continuing through mentoring young musicians at Valley Christian Schools, teaching private lessons, helping churches with their worship ministries, doing concerts, and organizing summer concerts for Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. I’m specifically working with San Jose Christian Reformed Church and San Ramon Presbyterian Church in leading worship and encouraging their musicians.

My new album, Encore, is out with new songs to inspire your faith in Christ. There was a delay in getting the album out because my voice wasn’t very strong in November and December, but finally it’s ready. It is now available to stream through Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and many more. Check out this page: https://reggiecoates.hearnow.com/encore.

The music notation and guitar tablature is available for the first song on the album I’ll Worship with My Life. Visit my Gumroad page at https://reggie.gumroad.com/l/worshipwithmylife.

Heartfelt Music Ministry is looking ahead to do more concerts both live and online, more training both individually and in groups, and more ministry with churches to lead others toward intimacy with God and excellence in artistry.

Thank you for your encouragement for me to continue creating uplifting music and investing in others. It’s exciting to see how music can touch people’s lives. I appreciate your prayers!


Encore is Here!

The new album is out! Relationships are at the center of this new musical expression. It is now available to stream through Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and many more.


Generous Support

A huge “Thank you!” to those who gave so generously to help the new album come to fruition. Your gifts totalled $500, which was the goal! It’s so fulfilling to serve the Lord with you!


Music & Tab

My song I’ll Worship with My Life, from the new album Encore is now available digitally to purchase for only $2.99. It’s fully written out in music notation and guitar tablature.Go to my Gumroad.


Upcoming Events

  • March 5, 19 (Sundays)
    I’ll be leading worship at San Jose Christian Reformed Church. It is located at 5150 Camden Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95124, (408) 266-4412. The service is at 10:00am.
  • March 12 (Sunday)
    I’ll be leading worship at San Ramon Presbyterian Church. It is located at 12700 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583, (925) 543-7772. The service is at 9:00am.
  • April 9 (Sun)
    I’ll be leading worship at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center’s Easter Sunrise Service. It is at 6:30am. It will be located at Mount Hermon, CA 95041. It will not be held at the cross due to Ponderosa being temporarily closed for remodeling, but will be located either at Victory Circle (Conference Center) or the Pavilion (Redwood Camp).

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