October Update 2022

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New Album and You

Encore is my new album! This last summer, I wanted to write new songs and a couple of medleys that focus on God’s love and the amazing presence of Jesus in us. Encore is a French word that means “more” or “again.” It’s known for a reappearance or additional performance demanded by an audience. The idea is that after 85 songs written throughout my life there are more songs coming out. On the Encore album, there’s a new worship song, an instrumental, songs for my son and grand-daughter, an intimate prayer, two medleys of my popular songs, and a song about working through conflicts at work.


  • I’ll Worship with My Life
  • God’s Love Medley (No Greater Love, All for You, Happy in Your Love)
  • You Pick Me Up
  • Hold Me
  • You Will Make a Way
  • Let’s Work it Out
  • Jesus in Me Medley (Christ Only Always, Living in Jesus, Jesus Lives in Me)
  • Time With You


We need $500 for cover art, worldwide streaming through CD baby, about 50 CDs through Disk Makers, copyright registration, and digital distribution through Gumroad. We will receive the amount donated even if we don’t reach the goal (some fees will be taken out). Because I am a ProTools certified instructor through Avid (ACI), I will be able to record at home at no cost.


The songs are of the same genre as my previous recordings with me singing and playing acoustic, electric and bass guitars. You will experience the same honesty and encouragement in Christ. Your donation will greatly help finish this project and influence others toward Christ through music. Visit the Indiegogo.com website to contribute.

New Album Entitled Encore

I’ve been writing songs this summer for a new album called Encore. I just finished the songwriting and arrangements, but now I need to record them and get them ready for publication. Hope to have it ready in time for Christmas.


Donate toward the Encore Album – Indiegogo

You can help complete the Encore album by donating through Indiegogo. All contributions go to Heartfelt Music Ministry toward the new album. Click on the thumbnail picture above and read all the details. Thank you for considering!

Singing to My Grand-Daughter

In September, Sherri and I visited our grand-daughter in Oregon as we helped my son and his wife move. It was so fun to sing to her the song I wrote for her using my son’s guitar. It’s called You Pick Me Up. The song will be on the Encore album.

Upcoming Events


October 30 (Sun)
Leading worship with the Valley Christian High School Worship Team at San Jose Christian Reformed Church, 5150 Camden Avenue, San Jose Ca 95124. Service begins at 10:00am if you’d like to come.

November 6 (Sun)
Leading worship at San Jose Christian Reformed Church, 5150 Camden Avenue, San Jose Ca 95124. Service begins at 10:00am if you’d like to come.

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