April Newsletter 2022

5:40 pm Ministry Journal, Upcoming Events


Resurrection Transformation

I hope you are enjoying this Easter season and enjoying a break! I’ll be leading music at Mount Hermon’s Sunrise Service this Sunday and hope you can join the celebration.


Reflecting on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we know the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection took place…it’s a part of history. Jesus was crucified in a horrific way and truly paid for the price for sin on our behalf. And Jesus did raise from the dead, conquering death and reigns in heaven.


But, these events didn’t end there. Unfortunately, there is a crucifixion mind-set that permeates our world today. Some people reveal a mind-set determined to be destructive and hurt others. Fortunately, because Jesus rose from the dead, there is an ongoing resurrection transformation available to anyone giving their life to Christ. This resurrection transformation empowers us to have a supernatural love, joy, and peace that transcends the crucifixion mind-set. As Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).


This abundant life in Christ is what has given me the strength to get through my parents passing when I was young, a damaged nerve in high school, spiritual abuse by church leaders, the complexity of adopting an orphan, and experiencing neighborhood bullies. God has taught me not to fear, but trust that he will work all things out for good (Romans 8:28). I hope you are encouraged by this and allow God to give you a lifestyle of resurrection transformation.


March Hartland Men’s Retreat

Hartland Christian Camp’s “Man Camp” was a blast! It was great speaking with the guys over meals and being uplifted as we worshiped the Lord together. I even had four of them help me lead the worship during the last two sessions. I put together a devotional with the guys called “Getting Back to Joy.” You can watch it on YouTube HERE.


VCHS Worship Team in Los Altos

The Valley Christian high school Worship Team led two chapels at the Los Altos Christian Schools’ elementary and junior high/high school. I was proud of how they skillfully led the music and shared encouraging introductions before each song. Our drummer, Ashton, even gave a meaningful message on Forgiveness.


Easter Sunrise at the Cross

Join me for this resurrection celebration at the summit of Mount Hermon. A 24-foot-high cross marks the location for the Easter Sunrise Service, just up the hill from Mount Hermon’s Ponderosa Lodge. The view over Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley is spectacular! I’ll be leading worship, pastor Ed Snedeker is the speaker, and Ron Taylor is the host.


Upcoming Events

April 17 (Sun)
Reggie will be leading worship at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center’s Easter Sunrise Service at the Cross. It is located at Ponderosa Lodge, Mount Hermon, CA 95041.


June 18 – July 30 (Sat)
The Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center’s Summer Concert Series begins Saturday, June 18. It is located at the Conference Center, Mount Hermon, CA 95041.


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