February Newsletter 2022

12:48 pm Ministry Journal, Upcoming Events


Bringing You Refreshment

One of Heartfelt Music’s main objective is to bring you refreshing music that speaks of truth and meaningful experiences to encourage and inspire you. Join me Sunday, February 6 at 5:00pm for a Home Concert Refresh on my YouTube channel. This video is a half hour of songs I performed live at a home concert last year. I’ll be there responding to the chat and connecting with you during the concert. The songs included in the concert are Filled with You, Worthy and So Wonderful, Here and Now, Getting Stronger, Draw Near to God, Peace, Stephanie, Freedom’s Challenge, and Slow Me Down. Hope to catch you then! Even if you can’t make it when it open’s at 5:00pm, you can watch it later.


Another way to bring refreshment to worship leaders is through our new series called Worship Leading Insights with a new video posted every Friday. These are interviews with prominent worship leaders across the country and experienced worship leaders throughout the San Fransisco Bay Area. We have three available now at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMuH0PiF45q173_ec8v59SrRq5C9Zf5yE

May God richly bless you and work through you in all you do.


Upcoming Events

February 6 (Sun) I’ll be doing a Home Concert Refresh on my YouTube channel (a remix of a previous online Home Concert) and I’ll be available to chat with you during the show.


March 11-13 (Fri-Sun)
Reggie will be leading worship at Hartland Christian Camp’s Men’s Retreat called Man Camp. It is located at 57611 Eshom Valley Drive, Badger, CA 93603


April 17 (Sun)
Reggie will be leading worship at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center’s Easter Sunrise Service at the Cross. It is located at Ponderosa Lodge, 4600 Graham Hill Road, Mount Hermon, CA 95041.


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