January Newsletter 2022

1:39 pm Ministry Journal


New Baby Rory Noland Ruminate on Grace written out

Welcoming the New Year

Happy 2022! Hope you are healthy and enjoying the restart of a new year. We are so excited that our son Austin and Lindsey had their cute baby girl Magdalene (Maggie), born January 15th, 7lbs 9oz! They are doing well and we’re so pumped to be grandparents (see picture below).


Heartfelt Music is beginning this new year with a great sense of anticipation! Ministry is continuing through mentoring young musicians at Valley Christian Schools, teaching private lessons to students ages 12 to 65, helping churches with their worship ministries, and leading worship at various conference centers. I’m even working on a new album called Encore with new songs to inspire your faith in Christ.


We’re excited to offer new training opportunities for worship leaders, musicians, and guitarists through free online streaming videos. These will open up throughout 2022 with various helpful topics such as:


  • Worship Leading Insights
  • Guitar Playing Insights
  • Music Theory Insights
  • Spiritual Growth Insights


Our first series will be the Worship Leading Insights with a new video posted every Friday. Our first one with Rory Noland opened Friday, January 21, and is available at https://youtu.be/iqGo5Rz6QxA. These are interviews with prominent worship leaders across the country and experienced worship leaders throughout the San Fransisco Bay Area speaking through Zoom to the Valley Christian High School worship team. Our first one is with Rory Noland who has led worship in megachurches and various conference centers all over the world. He wrote the popular books The Heart of the Artist, The Worshiping Artist, and Transforming Worship. Rory and I met in the Netherlands at a conference called The Christian Artist Music Seminars in Europe. We were both teaching workshops and I was impressed with his friendliness and wealth of experience. You will benefit from his insightful sharing.


Join me Sunday, February 6 at 5:00pm for a Home Concert Refresh on my YouTube channel putting together the best of my previous online Home Concerts and being available to chat with you during the streaming event. Even if you can’t make it when it open’s at 5:00pm, you can watch it later. We need all the encouragement we can get during these difficult times. I’ll be posting the link soon.


Our First Grand-daughter

Our youngest son, Austin, and his wife, Lindsey, had their cute baby girl January 15th, Maggie. They are home now and doing great. Sherri and I are excited to be first-time grandparents!


Worship Leading Insights

Heartelt Music has put together a new series called Worship Leading Insights for those who want to hear from experienced worship leaders from around the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation.


Ruminate on Grace Music

My song Ruminate on Grace, from the new album Instrumental Guitar – Vol. II, is now available digitally to purchase for only $2.99. Go to my Product Page for details on all my music available.


Upcoming Events


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