May Update 2020

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Streaming Concert and Worship

I hope you are weathering well during this crazy COVID19 pandemic. Let’s pray for each other as summer approaches. I appreciate you and your encouragement toward me and Heartfelt Music Ministry. May you stay healthy and spiritually strong!

On Sunday, May 24, 5:00pm, I’ll be streaming an informal concert hour from my home. I’ll be sharing meaningful songs that I’ve written over the years weaving together vocal and guitar tapestry. On Sunday, May 31, 5:00pm, I’ll be streaming an informal worship hour like the one I did a couple of weeks ago where you can sing and worship with me. These will be online music and worship experiences to encourage you in Christ! My Facebook account is at


Facebook LIVE with Reggie

I will be offering an online concert (May 24, 5:00pm) and an online worship experiences (May 31, 5:00pm) on the next two Sundays! Join me on Facebook LIVE at


Valley Christian School Has One More Week

Valley Christian School has one more week of school, which has been conducted totally online through Zoom. The Worship Team had a blast creating three songs for Baccalaureate at home, put together by our sound and media staff.


Online Lessons This Summer

I’m teaching private lessons through Zoom this summer starting in June. I can help you attain your goals. If you are interested in private guitar lessons, you can email me at [email protected].


Upcoming Events


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