A Healthy Spiritual Perspective

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Sometimes we are so influenced by the voices around us that we forget the truth about ourselves and God. When I was in Bible school some years ago, the late Dr. Ray C. Stedman taught on the difference between thinking carnally (in the flesh) verses thinking spiritually (in Christ). Here are some beliefs that will help you toward a healthy spiritual perspective.


  • To believe that God loves you only when you are working hard for His glory.
  • To believe that, though born again, you are still “human” and cannot be expected to react to pressure or danger in any other way than with anger or fear.
  • To believe, that God has stated in Scripture the objectives He expects the church to accomplish and it is up to Christian leaders to find ways and means to fulfill them.
  • To believe that Christians best exercise in­fluence in the world through large numbers, great wealth, political pressure, and large and impressive buildings.
  • To believe that Christian achievements should be publicized as widely and loudly as possible through any and every media.
  • To believe that competition with other Christians for honor, power, finances, or followers is necessary for success in ministry.
  • To believe that the enemies of true faith are hateful people who must be opposed by every possible means.
  • To believe that God chooses specially-talented leaders whom other Christians are expected to follow loyally and without question.


  • To believe that you are, by virtue of Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension, no longer what you once were.
  • To believe that by His transforming Spirit you are now all that Jesus is — a beloved son or daughter of God, loved and lovingly being trained by the Father.
  • To believe that, though what you once were (the flesh) seeks continually to reassert its control over you, you are under no obligation to obey it.
  • To believe that when you do succumb to its lies you are not changed in essence and have but to admit your wrongness and regret its hurt, to be restored immediately to the sense of God’s love and power.
  • To believe that when you so walk with God, He uses the spiritual gifts He has given you to accomplish eternal results through ordinary words and deeds.
  • To believe that Jesus is Lord of all your life and is continually opening opportunities for ministry for you in everyday matters and is directly controlling whom you are with and what happens to you.
  • To believe, that the world, the flesh, and the devil oppose your spiritual growth by clever and subtle lures and pressures, which, apart from a close companionship with Jesus, you are helpless to resist.
  • To believe that you are fulfilling your true purpose for living when, by hearing God’s words, praying to Him, and serving others, you glorify your Father in heaven.
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