March Update 2019

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BASS Convention 2019

The BASS Convention

March 9, I led 2 training sessions for the BASS Convention. The training workshops I taught were Dynamic Guitar in Worship (both acoustic and electric), and Dynamic Bass Guitar in Worship (both acoustic and electric). The sessions were hands-on, so people brought your instrument! There were three general sessions and over 300 workshops for everyone involved in ministry at churches, both professionally and voluntarily.

National Worship Leader Conference

Worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, movers and shakers, theologians and scholars, all connected at the National Worship Leader Conference in Nashville, TN, May 20-21. This will be the fourth year I’ll be leading workshops for NWLC. I’ll be teaching on How to Record Your Own Music (ProTools), How to Write Out Your Music (Sibelius), and How to Read Music ( If you would like to come, you can come as my friend and use my 25% discount code: FRIENDS25.

Thank you for your support!

I really appreciate your prayers and support! There’s been so many significant aspects of ministry that would not have been the same without your uplifting prayers and encouragement. You empower us to fulfill our Mission Statement to Lead others toward intimacy with God and toward excellence in artistry. If you would like to help Heartfelt Music® financially, go to our website for more information by clicking HERE. Thank you so much!

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