May Happenings & Update

1:06 pm Ministry Journal

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God Has Truly Blessed

There are some pretty significant full time involvements that are coming to completion this spring for me. Through it all, I have to say, “God has truly blessed!” I just graduated with a Master’s degree from Full Sail University, which I highlight below. It was a shock to not have major projects due every week. Yet, I have learned so much and feel like I can see the bigger picture of what Heartfelt Music is about. You can read about the entire journey on my Tumblr blog. The Valley Christian High School year is coming to a close next week, also highlighted below. It has been a joy to work with junior high and high school students who want to learn. I’ve been teaching the worship teams and guitar classes. Next year, we’re starting a Guitar 3 class and a Music Technology class. It’s so fun to see the emphasis on guitar continuing to grow here at Valley. Some students even started a guitar club this year. The students who are a part of the Music Technology class will become certified users of Pro Tools and Sibelius. Thank you for your prayers over the last few months. Your interest, concern, and support in prayer means so much to me.


Social Media Involvement

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Graduated with a Masters Degree

On May 6th, I graduated from Full Sail University with a Master of Science in Entertainment Business. What an amazing and outstanding experience. My final project was a new Business Plan for Heartfelt Music which will double the impact of what God is doing though us. I’m very excited about what’s to come. Stay tuned for a re-launch of Heartfelt Music in the fall.


VCS Chapel Worship

A few weeks ago, the Valley Christian School worship team led their last chapel with the whole student body of 1600 students. We’ve had an outstanding year and have seen a significant growth toward worshiping God. It’s really hard to imagine school wraps up next week with finals. The Blue Team will lead worship at San Jose Christian Reformed Church this Sunday.


New Album in New VCS Studio

Valley Christian School has built a new recording studio on campus to enhance the Conservatory of the Arts program. Under the engineering of Robert Rubino, I am working on a new album in this new studio. My most recent recording Here & Now includes simple voice and guitar arrangements. This new one will be a full band sound. I’ll let you know more as it progresses.


Upcoming Events

May 29, June 5 & 19 (Sun)
Leading worship with San Jose Christian Reformed Church, 5150 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124. The services begin at 10:00am. May 29 is a special Sunday with the Valley Christian School chapel worship team leading music.

June 20-26 (Sun)
Leading worship at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville’s week long Vacation Bible School and Sunday worship services, 222 W El Pintado, Danville, CA 94526.

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