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Summer Training Reggie in Concert Spring Recitals

Summer’s Here!

I hope this update finds your summer off to a good start! After the month of May being a long stretch for me at Valley Christian Schools, waking up daily at 5:00am, I’m now able to relax a little and sleep in. Of course, I’m still staying busy teaching private lessons, leading worship at various churches, and working on writing new songs. But, I also get time with family, gardening, fixing things, watching movies, playing games, playing tennis, and even doing more exercise. I thank God summer’s here!

During this month,  I held my student recitals, led worship at Bayside Church Woodland, and taught a Guitar Clinic for Bayside Church as well. What a great group of encouraging people. Peter Neumann is doing a great job as the worship pastor there. During the last week of June, I’ll be leading VBS music with a band for Community Presbyterian Church in Danville. With 400 kids and 280 volunteers, it’s quite a big production with lots of energy!

In July, I’ll be teaching summer guitar lessons which is great for anyone who would like a one-time lesson shot-in-the-arm (see below).

You gotta come to one of my concerts in July! I have some new songs which are going to be on my new instrumental album, Instrumental Guitar Volume 2, coming out the end of summer. I’ll be in Los Altos July 7 (Mon), Felton July 9 (Wed), and San Jose July 13 (Sun). Looking forward to seeing you there!


One-Time Guitar Lessons in July

This summer, I’ll be teaching one-time discounted lessons throughout the Bay Area July 7-13 (Mon-Sun). All the available lessons are found on the Heartfelt Music Smart Events site. Sign up soon to spur you on to greater ability and skill. I’ll be teaching in Los Altos both Monday and Tuesday (Bridges Community Church), at my home in Mount Hermon on Thursday (20 Pine Ave.), and at in San Jose on Sunday (Valley Christian High School). Each lesson is 40 minutes long for only $50.00.


Reggie in Concert

I will be performing a series of free concerts throughout the Bay Area in July. Entertaining guitar work, meaningful lyrics, and clear vocal tapestry add to the evening of encouragement and empowerment. The first one will be in Los Altos at Bridges Community Church, July 7 (Mon), 7:00pm. The second one will be in the Santa Cruz area at Felton Bible Church, July 9 (Wed), 7:00pm.  The third one will be in San Jose at San Jose Christian Reformed Church, July 13 (Sun), 7:00pm. Hope to see you at one of these!


Spring Recitals

The Spring recitals for my guitar students were held June 3rd at Bridges Church in Los Altos. Each student performed in front of fellow students, parents, and friends. Click HERE to see the YouTube video summary with some of the students. It is remarkable to see how each student continues to improve in their playing and performance ability. Student ages range from 10 to 65. The recitals are non-threatening and very encouraging!


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