March Ministry Update

2:09 pm Ministry Journal, Upcoming Events


VCHS Worship Team BASS-2014 Santa_Cruz_Lighthouse Teaching at Bridges

Lead Like Jesus

The way Jesus led his disciples and influenced others throughout his life is the best example for us in leading today! The principles He demonstrated were powerful and relevant. A month ago, Scott Farmer, the pastor from Community Presbyterian Church, taught on Leading Like Jesus which really captured my attention. I learned Lead Like Jesus is a book by Ken Blanchard which is also available as a CD audiobook, so I picked one up from and just finished it. Rick Warren and Bill Hybels helped host it. The concepts of being a servant leader and using Jesus as our prime example of how to lead has been so encouraging. Look to Jesus as you follow Him and lead others!


Thank you for continuing to pray for me and Heartfelt Music Ministry! If God leads, join a special generous group of folks who support us financially.


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BASS Conference Reflection

The BASS Church Workers Conference was a huge success. I held three workshops on Friday, Creative Songwriting, Worship Infusion, and Dynamic Guitar in Worship at Redwood Chapel Community Church in Castro Valley. On Saturday, I led a special workshop with one of the Valley Christian High School Worship Teams called Worship Band Interactive at First Baptist Church of Castro Valley. We had a great response with a lot of interaction and participation! Click on the picture above or HERE to see our opening song It Is Good.


March Ministry Update

The Santa Cruz lighthouse, pictured here last weekend with beautiful weather, is a superb example of what I want myself and Heartfelt Music to be: A guiding light to all we encounter! Besides The BASS Conference and guitar lessons, there’s been a ton of significant ministry happening at Valley Christian School. We just had the Visual and Performing Arts assembly which highlighted the Conservatory of the Arts there. It represented Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, Strings Ensemble, Ceramics, Photography, Art, and more. Teaching 3 Worship Teams, the Music Technology class, and the Intro to Guitar and Electric Bass class has been so fulfilling.


Exciting Guitar Lessons

I just added two new guitar students (welcome Kenna in Los Altos and Josiah in Mount Hermon). This makes 27 guitar students. Some have lessons every week, some have lessons every other week, and some have lessons once a month.  Each lesson is tailored to each individual to get them excited about guitar in the timing and schedule they can handle. There are more openings in Los Altos and Mount Hermon if you know someone who wants to learn guitar.


Coming Events

April 12 & 13  Helping lead music and worship with Community Presbyterian Church in Danville for their Video Cafe, Palm Sunday. More events on the Heartfelt Music Calendar


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