October Personal Update

11:43 am Reggie's Journey


Brandon Streched Back Yard Sunset Austin's Senior Picture


Our family had a wonderful summer doing day trips to places like San Francisco and Carmel.  But, the summer went by way too fast.  We’re already well into the fall and the days of sleeping in to 8:00am every day are long gone.


Brandon and Austin are full-on doing Animation and Illustration at San Jose State University.  The middle picture above was taken from our back yard during a sunset a few weeks ago (this photo is unedited).  I’m so grateful to have a home in Mount Hermon!


Personally, I am thriving.  There are three guys that regularly pray with me and hold me accountable to stay close to Christ and make sure first things are first.  Even though life is very busy, I’m doing what I enjoy and I’m staying disciplined to daily include those things that keep me on track and “sharpen the saw”  (daily Bible reading, daily exercise, eating right, time with family, and reading specific books and magazines).  I’m in the gospel of Luke right now being reminded of Jesus’ power and wisdom.  I just saw Gravity with my boys this weekend and enjoyed time with them.  Sherri and I have been working inside and outside this weekend taking care of things around the house.  Sherri empowers us boys in so many ways.  I have a song on my new album coming out soon called, Sherri, My Love. which sings how thankful I am of her, as one line says, “Through all these years, we’ve had so much fun…,” so true.


Thank you for your prayers and encouraging notes here and there.  Life is not always as smooth as we’d like it.  This last year has been a tremendous challenge for us financially.  But, God is sustaining us.  As I pray for students and teachers at school, my private guitar students, family, Heartfelt Music board members, those I meet at events, and special people God brings to mind, I would love to pray for you as well.  If you need that little extra prayer, let me know.


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