August Ministry Update

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Shine Like the Sun!

The sun is shining here on the coast of Northern California.  I hope you are enjoying your summer and getting time to relax!  I have a couple of weeks left of summer making the best use of my time to balance vacation and exciting projects.  I am preparing to let Jesus shine this fall as I’m working on a new album called Here & Now, a new eBook called Leading Worship Effectively, and a new Guitar and Bass Course for Valley Christian High School. Please pray that God would use these tools for His work and His glory.

Challenging & Relevant Private Lessons

This fall, I’ll be holding private lessons in Los Altos, San Jose, and Mount Hermon.  Now is the time to sign up as we’ll begin August 19th.  Lessons are available on Skype and FaceTime as well.  Each lesson is filled with personal intensive education following your goals and specific interests.  A Lesson Summary Video is recorded at the end of each lesson for you to download (usually within 48 hours) to have audio and visual examples to remember the assignment.  You will receive a Private Assignment Page (which is password protected) for details of each assignment.

Music Training & Concert in Brentwood

On Sunday, August 4, I’ll be leading Leading Worship Effectively & Team Building workshop.  This three hour dynamic workshop for musicians and leaders is designed to develop the skill of the musicians and leaders, enhance the corporate singing of the church, expand understanding of group worship dynamics, motivate a lifestyle of intimate worship, inspire confidence and expression, and build “team” unity with good communication.  Workshop at 3:00pm and Concert with Band at 7:00pm.  All the informaion, registration and cost for each workshop is found by clicking HERE. All these workshops will take place in the main auditorium at Brentwood Bible Fellowship in Brentwood.

New Album, Here & Now

I am working on a new album that has both vocal and guitar on it.  It’s almost completed.  Songs that have not been recorded such as Worthy & So Wonderful (you can check it out on YouTube), Flame, Wings to Fly, You Are My God, and Sherri My Love.  I will also have some songs that have shaped my life such as Make My Life a Prayer, Water Grave, and He Is Alive.  Plus, the album Confidence is discontinued, so I will redo 2 of my songs from that album. You can view two of my song on here:

Coming Events

August 4  (Sunday)

Leading Worship at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville (Sanctuary). Services are Sunday, 9:00am and 10:45am.


August 4 (Sunday)
Holding the Leading Worship Effectively and Team Building workshop at Brentwood Bible Fellowship in Brentwood (3:00pm-6:00pm): Find more information and registration by clicking HERE.


August 4 (Sunday)
Worship concert with band at 7:00pm at Brentwood Bible Fellowship in Brentwood.


August 18  (Sunday)
Leading Worship at First Baptist Church in Watsonville. Service is Sunday at 9:30am.


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