March Ministry Update

3:44 pm Ministry Journal, Upcoming Events

2_13_Recording praiseband_header guitar_wings02Staying at it!

Life seems to be busier and more full than ever whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, work, church, hobbies, recreation, chores, or finances.  It’s easy to feel pulled in so many different directions.  How do we stay focused and not get scattered?  What’s important is that we keep the main things in the forefront of our mind and heart.  Having a Mission Statement for life is a big help.  For me, it is “to lead others toward intimacy with God.”  This puts God and people as the priorities in my life!  It’s not easy to keep priorities straight, but life flows better as we are tenacious, staying at it, daily reviewing and adjusting to be pleasing to God (2 Cor. 5:9).

I continue to give private music lessons in San Jose, Los Altos, and Mount Hermon; teach music and coordinate chapels at Valley Christian School; as well as lead worship with churches throughout the Bay Area. Digital products are available for instant download as well as physical products on our Product Page. Here is a list of digital downloads.

  • Book A Special Report on Music & Worship in Churches throughout the Santa Clara County (Check it out)
  • 25 song music book of Reggie’s songs called A Compilation of Compositions (Check it out)
  • 20 song album called Intimacy (Check it out)
  • 20 song album called Heartfelt Celebration (Check it out)

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  Please pray we will follow God’s leading and, in months to come, be found staying at it.


Upcoming Events

Mar. 8-9 (Fr-Sa) Teaching Workshops at the BASS Convention, Castro Valley
Mar. 10 (Su) Leading Worship with Redwood Chapel, Castro Valley
Mar. 17 (Su), 24 (Palm Su), 30-31 (Easter Sa-Su) Leading Worship with Community Presbyterian Church, Danville
Mar. 23 (Sa) CD Release Concert at Bridges Community Church, Los Altos
Mar. 29 (Good Fr) Leading Worship with Peninsula Bible Church, Willow Glen

Details of these events and other events are at



Finished Recording!

This last weekend, I finished recording my first Instrumental album of 10 songs.  It was a a riot trying to do this in record time.  The first time I sat down to record two weeks ago, I broke a nail and was unable to get the consistent sound needed for the new song called Remember.  So, I went to Walmart and bought some fake temporary nails for my first three fingers on the right hand.  It worked great!  However, my students thought it was a little strange.  I didn’t feel too bad knowing Phil Keaggy uses them as well.  Now, I hope to mix and master each song and have the whole package ready by the Album Release Concert March 23rd.


BASS Convention

I will be teaching three workshops at the Bay Area Sunday School (BASS) Convention March 8 and 9.  This year is their 50th anniversary of training church volunteers to be effective in church ministry.  They have over 200 workshops.  I’ll be teaching two on Friday – Building a Worship Band and Effective Guitar in Worship. Then, one on Saturday called Band Interactive.  I’ll be using the Valley Christian High School Worship Band to assist in demonstrating worship band techniques.  I’ve been involved with them for 10 years and find it is an excellent conference to encourage and inspire volunteers to lead use their gifts for God’s glory.


Album Release Concert

I would like to invite you to my Album Release Concert at Bridges Community Church in Los Altos.  I will be sharing songs and stories from my new album Instrumental Guitar, Vol. 1.  This album release concert is a celebration of my first instrumental album and my 13th album overall.  There is mostly acoustic guitar with some electric guitar with fun techniques like alternate tunings, use of capos and e-bow, in many different styles (Rock, Irish, Hendrix style, jazz, classical, easy listening). Bring friends and family.  The concert is free!  You can view one of the songs, Freedom’s Challenge at Reggie’s YouTube Channel.

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