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National Anthem at Infineon Raceway

Sunday, July 24th, proved to be a tremendous opportunity to encourage some of the Christians at the Infineon Raceway.  I led worship for the three Chapels in the morning and then played the National Anthem for the opening ceremonies.  Racers for Christ is an organization that any of the racers can join to show that they are Christians.  Their race cars bear a sticker that says “Racers for Christ.”  Chaplains who are a part of Racers for Christ realize these racers don’t get a regular Sunday morning church experience.

Reggie with Chaplains Bob and Jim

The chapels are very encouraging and the chaplains walk around all day praying for the racers and lifting them up.  It was such a blast to see individuals at the chapels and then see them in their racing gear getting into their cool cars.   Playing the National Anthem was a blast!  Being in the booth with the announcers and a curious little boy listening on, I did a kind of “Jimmy Hendrix” style of the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar.

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