Ethics in Ministry

12:02 pm Think About It


Marty Nemko was speaking on KGO radio last night (he’s the Career/Education/Life Advice guy) and brought up the issue of a lack of ethics in society and the workplace.  Since I was driving home from a concert in Santa Rosa, I gave him a call.  I agree that we need to teach our youth about ethics and train parents to pass it on  to their children.  But training in ethics should be more than merely identifying good and bad behavior.  We should include “consequences,” “resolve,” and “hedges.”  If we can somehow give people a vision of the consequences of their actions (such as the destruction it would cause), it would help motivate them to make a resolve to act with integrity (such as “I will never cheat on my wife, but will reserve my romance for only her”).  Then, we can think of what “hedges” to place around us to protect us from bad behavior (such as accountability with friends).  Unfortunately, there is a lack of ethics in the church as well.  What do you think?

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