Encouraging Notes

7:08 pm Ministry Journal, Reggie's Journey

I have received some very encouraging emails lately and wanted to share some of them.  Thank you so much for words that spur me on!

“What struck me as soon as I started reading your newsletter is how faithful you have been over the years to teach and encourage young/old musicians. Guitar playing hasn’t been my focus, but I’m so grateful that you are building this skill with musicians. What a blessing you have been to many with your teaching and worship leading! May He continue to enlarge your ministry!” ~ Wanda P.

“I have been thinking lately about people who have a great idea and do something about it. You are one of those people! As I was dwelling on that idea, you came to the very front of my mind and I could not shake the feeling that you could use some encouragement.  MANY times when I have my guitar in hand I remember the training and good times I had at the Christian Guitar and Bass Conferences. All of that great teaching and encouragement in one place! What an awesome thing!!! I know that it had to take its toll on you and your family (to whom I am also grateful ) but you did it. I’m sure you would say not without the Lords help, but someone had to be the hands and feet for it. I am glad it was you! I have enjoyed your company and gentle spirit every time that I had the opportunity.  So I just want to say thank you for “getting out of the shower, drying off and doing something about the great idea that you had” for the CGBC. May God continue to bless your endeavors and your great ideas in the future!! Thanks again.” ~ Jeff C.

“Enjoyed your teaching at National Worship Leader Conference East. We could surely tell that as much as your formal training is in voice, your love is playing guitar.  Thank you for the cords and techniques to work with. May God bless you as you encourage others to glorify Jesus with their best skills.”  ~ David B.

“Reggie is the amazing triple play, fabulous musician, inspirational leader, and fantastic teacher. To find all these qualities in one person is rare, to find them in a person as humble as Reggie is astounding. I’m extremely grateful for Reggie’s mentoring, he has helped my playing and worship leading immensely. I’m proud to count Reggie as a friend.” ~ Steve M.

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