Private Lessons Are a Big Help

12:39 am Ministry Journal

I am teaching more private lessons this fall in San Jose, Los Altos, San Ramon, and Mount Hermon. Here’s a quote from Ted Kroger who is a current student.

“I have been Reggie’s student for about 18 months. I had been playing guitar for years but I had hit a plateau in my growth. A friend of mine handed me one of Reggie’s CDs, and I decided to take lessons. I wanted to learn more right-hand techniques and chord voicings so I could play improvisationally and apply them in songwriting. Having Reggie as a teacher has helped me make the most out of a limited amount of practice time.  Reggie’s enthusiasm for teaching guitar has been constant long after our first impressions. Each lesson, after a robust greeting, we begin by reviewing a bit of my progress from last time. Often I’ve told him in advance where I’ve been struggling or what I’d like to learn next, so he has come well-equipped with handouts that aid in retention. He even sends me a downloadable video summary of each lesson so I can refer back to it weeks later. Reggie has taught at the collegiate level, but his teaching doesn’t get bogged down in theory. Instead he tailors lessons that move students toward the goals they’ve set, and fills in precepts of theory as they seem relevant. Reggie is a very skilled guitarist, an enthusiastic coach, and a businessman who structures things so they are very user-friendly. And his walk in Christ adds a dimension of fellowship to each class!  My wife says she has never seen me move around the fingerboard so much. And I feel more excited and confident in my playing than I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Ted Kroger,
Private guitar student with Reggie in San Jose, California

Come join the fun!  Call (925) 206-9895 to get started.

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