April Reflections

12:28 pm Ministry Journal, Reggie's Journey

Easter was a nice shot in the arm to remind me to live anew in the power of the resurrection of Christ.  Right after Easter I took a two week vacation which was a renewing time for me personally and also a wonderful time with family.
I have to share with you an April miracle which encouraged our whole family.  My oldest son is going to college next year and I’ve been looking at getting him his own guitar to take with him.  Both of my sons have been playing a lot lately and making remarkable progress.  I found two really nice affordable guitars at Guitar Showcase, but the only way to buy them was to sell one of my guitars (My 1985 Ovation Collector’s Guitar, the first nice guitar I ever bought).  I put it on eBay for a few days.  No one bid on it, so I re-listed it for another few days.  A number of people were looking, but no bids.  After a couple of days, someone sent a message asking if I “wanted” to sell the guitar or if I “needed” to sell the guitar.  I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I answered honestly about how I really didn’t “want” to sell it.  I explained how the guitar had meaning to the whole family, but we “needed” to sell in order to buy the two guitars for my sons, so they could continue to develop their own ministry creativity.  Within an hour of my reply, the gentleman sent me another message saying, “I have just purchased the guitar through eBay.  Now I donate it back to your ministry.”  Praise God!!  You should have seen the excitement we all had…tears, dancing, laughter…and much thanks to this generous man and our loving God!  Now, my boys have their own guitars and have been playing like crazy while I continue to use the Ovation to God’s glory.

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