God Is Faithful thoughout the Years!

10:21 am Reggie's Journey


I was so encouraged by this email I received on Monday.  I am amazed at how faithful God has been throughout the years.
Hi Reggie,

It was great to hear you lead worship on Sunday morning service last week.  I was sitting right in front of you with two of my children and wife.  As I was sitting there, the sound of the guitar and your voice brought me back to my high school days.  I couldn’t figure out why you were familiar until the third song as it finally dawned on me that I remember you leading worship at Redwood Christian high school camp during the late 80’s.  A flood of memories came back as I contemplated the importance your music played in my walk with the Lord as a high school kid.  It was during that week at camp meeting that I decided to commit my life to God as a young man and take my walk with God more seriously.  Your music profoundly ministered to me by the Grace of God.  I have wavered in my faith from time to time and definitely have lots of work to do in my life today but I thank you for your service to God and his church.  When I arrived home from church I brought out my old box of tapes and found three Reggie Coates albums waiting to listen to.  My family and I praised God while we were working on dinner and listening to those three tapes.  Shout for Joy!  Don’t give up in doing good and know that you are reaping a harvest for Him.  I look forward to seeing you in person in the coming weeks to say thank you in person.



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