Tragic Loss of a Great Man

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Fatal accident

Fatal accident

I am stunned to hear of the sudden death of Mike Swalley.  Last Monday, he was hit head-on by another car (the article is at .  I lived with Mike for a few years during our college years in San Jose where we became friends.  We worked in Young Life together helping to change teens lives which is where I experienced his compassion and love for people.  We played guitar together and he helped me start a guitar group called JAM in the early ’80s.  Just recently, I began a new guitar group in Alamo called the Christian Guitarist Fellowship and Mike came to the first one, February 1, 2009, with his children Laura and Brian who both brought guitars to learn.  I gave them their first guitar lesson while Mike beamed as a proud father.  Mike had a heart of Gold…had a deep love for God, his family, and people.  I am in tears thinking about this tragedy, though I know He is experiencing unbelievable joy and peace in God’s presence right now.  My heart goes out to Michelle, Laura (14) and Brian (6).  My dad died when I was 6 years old and my mom died when I was 14.  Though it was very difficult, God used it to draw me closer to Him, shape my character, and value people like never before.  I pray this will happen for the Swalley family as well.  Please pray for them!

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  1. Jim Rossi :

    Date: March 28, 2009 @ 10:04 am

    Reggie, I’m at a loss for words… I will pray for the family.

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