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This Monday, is hosting my “Strumming and Finger Picking” online lessons for beginning guitarists. has quality lessons by outstanding musicians like Adam Nitti, who plays bass guitar for Steven Curtis Chapman.  They are starting a new series for guitarists who play in churches called Essential Guitar Worship Series.  My coarse is the first in this series offering five strumming patterns and five finger picking patterns to enhance both faster and slower songs.  I also explain syncopation, groove, creating mood and more as each lesson opens up over the two week period.  There are video examples and clear explanation of each technique being taught.  It’s a cool way to learn online and I’ll be available daily through email and a live chat.  Check it out  (Click Here ) and tell the beginning guitarists at your church.   More details below:
Essential Guitar Worship Series: Strumming and Finger Picking, Level 1 (GW102)

The first guitar course in the Essential Guitar Worship Series is designed to introduce students to the most common right-hand strumming and picking techniques used within contemporary worship music. This course will help you to gain facility with the flat pick and will introduce you to finger picking techniques.   It’s only $29.95 for 10 lessons.

Lesson 1: Holding the Flatpick; The Best Way to Strum; 2/4 and 4/4 Time; Strum #1
Lesson 2: Finger Placement for Picking; Guitar Tablature; 2/4 and 4/4 Time; Pick #1
Lesson 3: Strum #2; Understanding Syncopation
Lesson 4: Pick #2; Finger Picking with Popular Songs
Lesson 5: Strum #3; Creating Groove
Lesson 6: Pick #3; Creating a Mood
Lesson 7: Strum #4; More Songs
Lesson 8: Pick #4; More Songs
Lesson 9: 3/4 and 6/8 Time; Strum #5; More Songs
Lesson 10: 3/4 and 6/8 Time; Pick #5; More Songs

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