On the 2009 Wave

6:28 pm Reggie's Journey

2009 has come in like a flood and, in some ways, it feels like I’m riding a huge wave.  The cool thing is that, instead of feeling out of control, it feels like I’m surfing this wave with my family right beside me.  There’s a lot going on at Creekside Community Church as the Worship & Arts Ministry Pastor:  worship leading, counseling, coaching, teaching, organizing, etc.  But, the people are really fun.  It’s a good season in the life of the church right now and I praise God for it.  Helping other aspects of the church life spills over on my family too, like the High School Ministry Home Invasion at our home last week.  The whole family worked to make it a blast of a night for the 45 that came.  Next week, I’ll be going with Brandon on the High School Snow Go.  I’ll be teaching and leading worship for the weekend (my first time Snowboarding).  Brandon just started college courses last week which fits in well as a Junior in High School.  Austin is going to Hume Lake with the Youth Group and Sherri is as busy as ever taking care of us three boys.  She is such a fun and joyful person to spend a life with.  The biggest social endeavor in our family right now is Facebook.  What a cool tool to reconnect with friends and people from the past.  I pray that God is undergirding you with his faithful love, comforting peace, and encouraging joy!

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  1. Cheryl Sandberg :

    Date: February 4, 2009 @ 4:52 pm

    WOwwww I haven’t heard your name for a while. you sang all through my high school and college years at Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley! Thank you for that!!! I have great memories!

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