Fall Update for the Coates Family

7:39 am Reggie's Journey

Two months ago, the Coates family embarked on an all-encompassing move to Danville, California.  It’s been a very good experience so far.  I’m actively involved with Creekside Community Church and enjoying the ministry immensely.  Sherri and the boys are actively involved in the church too which is one of the reasons we made the move.  At home, we’re almost unpacked from all the boxes and the house we’re in is a tremendous blessing.  Many of you know some of the trials we’ve experienced over the years, so you can understand the significance when I say, at this time in our life, we feel such a peace, a great sense of love, and a genuine joy about life.  God has been leading and making a way for us which has been both comforting and faith-building.   Brandon is a junior and Austin is a freshman in high school (time flies when you’re having fun!).  Both of them are excelling in school.  We’d love to hear from you when you get a chance.  Thanks for your care for us.  May you feel God loving on you daily.

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